Find My Fit

What size should I pick?

What is Fit Advisor?

Fit Advisor is a virtual fitting room powered by WAIR. It is an easy-to-use, highly personalized sizing experience that recommends your best fitting size for each individual product while you shop here at Custom Marketplace.

How does Fit Advisor work?

No need to grab a tape measure or buy multiple sizes. In 4 simple steps, Fit Advisor is able to predict your body measurements and then recommends the best size for every product you shop for at Custom Marketplace. Simply enter in your weight, height, and age; then answer a few body type questions while Fit Advisor does the rest.

Why should shoppers adhere to their Fit Advisor size recommendation?

Shoppers who use Fit Advisor love their products and are three times less likely to experience size-related returns.

We believe finding your size online should be simple and personalized. Click anywhere on the banner above to being your Fit Advisor experience.